Fabric Envelopes

The previous post discussed the albums I covered. I decided to make something to keep them in. As an alternative to the bag made for mine I decided to make fabric envelopes as an alternative.

These were made from the outside of the dress and the envelope lining uses some of the dress lining. I made a few small changes by making the inside edge straight and replacing the buttons with a functional press stud from the strap on the dress and a decorative button from the back of the dress.

With Thanks to Sammy at


20150630_211748 20150630_211806 20150630_211836


Album for Mum and Grandma

After seeing my album my Mum and Grandma have requested theirs covered. I made used the same method as for mine,

Pattern with Thanks to  again to Zabzab at


I then used the fabric from the straps to decorate they came out quite well.





Left Overs

To use up the little bits of fabric left from making the bear I made 2 of the below Xmas decorations.

I have now picked up the dress and separated the fabrics. Next job covering my photo album!

With Thanks to http://theornamentgirl.com/blog for the pattern20150622_212329


Picking up the dress as been delayed a couple of weeks so I have decided to have a bit of practice with the pashmina from when I was bridesmaid for my Mum 18months ago. I have made a teddy using some lace from my wedding for the ears and my hen night veil for other details.

20150530_114622 20150530_115458 20150530_115955

The teddy came out ok. I gave him to my Mum for her birthday. She was pleased with him.

20150607_143510 20150607_143446

Thanks to Howjoyful at


for sharing the pattern.

My Wedding dress – What Now!

This is my first blog ever. In fact, I do not really even use social media. I got married 2 months ago and am now trying to work out what to do with my wedding dress and other wedding stuff. I have had several suggested from friends/family, which include leaving in the loft for 40+ years, letting a child play in it or saving it for my daughter. I do not currently have a daughter and think the odds on her wanting to wear my dress and/or it fitting are low and I consider the other 2 options a waste. The dress was not very expensive and got oil on the back during the day so would be too costly to clean to sell on.

I have been crafty all my life and like the idea of making it into beautiful handycrafts which can be used again. So far from my research I have come up with some ideas, photo album cover, quilt, teddy, xmas tree decorations. I am sure there are more and will add as I go. I may not make all of these and intended to use this blog to keep a record of what I get from this.

This is what I have to work with and I will be picking up next weekend to start cutting.

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