Covering My Album

First project completed was covering my album and I am pleased with the results. The beading came off the front of my bodice.

Pattern with Thanks to Zabzab at

20150628_203013 20150628_203031 20150628_203042

My sister also made a bag to keep it in which came out well.


Next maybe another couple of albums for other people.


Left Overs

To use up the little bits of fabric left from making the bear I made 2 of the below Xmas decorations.

I have now picked up the dress and separated the fabrics. Next job covering my photo album!

With Thanks to for the pattern20150622_212329


Picking up the dress as been delayed a couple of weeks so I have decided to have a bit of practice with the pashmina from when I was bridesmaid for my Mum 18months ago. I have made a teddy using some lace from my wedding for the ears and my hen night veil for other details.

20150530_114622 20150530_115458 20150530_115955

The teddy came out ok. I gave him to my Mum for her birthday. She was pleased with him.

20150607_143510 20150607_143446

Thanks to Howjoyful at

for sharing the pattern.